Here we go again with another Winter Storm to start the week! For a lot of folks, Florida is starting to look pretty good. And believe it or not the Phillies Pitchers and Catchers report next week! But if you are looking for a reason to escape the cold…just wait another storm is scheduled for Wednesday and also over the weekend on Sunday! 

But the weather is also wreaking havoc on your homes and business. The snow, ice, and rain does a number on your home’s roof, siding, foundation, and more. It’s a good time to check your basement walls and see if you have any water intrusion. When your home has been exposed to as much moisture as it has been, it’s a good idea to do a check of your home. We here at Morgan Basement Waterproofing offer a FREE Estimate or Inspection for Waterproofing and Mold Removal. Call Us Today for to get yours (610) 696-0100.