Foundation Waterproofing Materials

What are Foundation Waterproofing Materials? These are waterproofing material is what a professional full service basement waterproofing company will suggest to use to keep water from entering your beautifully finished basement. It is a material that is applied directly to your home’s foundation. There are a variety of ways that the waterproofing installer will use to apply the material to your home.

  • Using a sprayer to apply the fluid type of foundation waterproofing membrane sealant
  • Using a roller or trowel to affix the rolled or sheet type of foundation waterproofing membrane

The best option may be the Sprayed Waterproofing Sealant simply because when it cures, it will provide a seamless protection that will hold up well against the foundation expansion. The expansion comes from the foundation being exposed to hot and cold conditions. The rolled or sheet type don’t expand as well and maintain their shape, so this exposes the material to gaps that can form in places along the foundation.

Foundation Waterproofing Interior Applications

Now there are other ways for you to consider to prevent water from entering your basement. But these usually means doing it from the inside of your basement, and if you have a finished basement, then you will have to tear up the carpets or tiles. And if you are doing a French Drain installation, it may require you to remove the drywall, paneling, etc to install it.

Now if your basement is still unfinished and you would like to keep your cost down, then you may consider doing an interior basement waterproofing system. Such as a French Drain System, Interior Waterproofing Membrane, and if you only have a Crawl Space then you can use a Vapor Barrier System.

But the best way to eliminate you Wet Basement issue is to have the water never enter your home. And this is accomplished by using a Foundation Waterproofing Membrane on you outside walls. The only way to do this is to have your exterior exposed and then placing the waterproofing material around the foundation. If you home has already been built, then the waterproofing company will have to dig trenches around your home to be able to install the foundation membrane. Obviously if you building a new home you can have the builder install it while it being built. Doing this will almost certainly keep your home’s basement dry. And while yes, at some stage the material will have to be replaced, it will take many, many years for that to happen.

Foundation Waterproofing Applications

Why Does Your Foundation Leak?

Porous Materials in Foundation: Depending on the type of materials used to construct your home, i.e Poured Concrete Walls, Brick, Concrete Block, Stone, or even Telephone Tile.

  • Poured Concrete will have tendency to crack and although cracks can be filled, they still need to be dealt with.
  • Brick, Stone, Telephone Tile, and Concrete Blocks need Mortar to bind them together and this mortar is what water attacks. And that is how you get water seepage with these types of foundation walls. The mortar that holds the wall together will now start to weaken at points and the foundation will continue settling. Now you will have to have the foundation walls repaired or the water intrusion will only get larger.

So now hopefully you have a better understanding of what you can do to eliminate your wet basement. Foundation Waterproofing is more costly but it will benefit you and your family in the long run. You will gain more useful square footage that will add more value to your home. Adding a finished basement to allow you to have a media room, home office, fitness room, wine room, or place for the kids to play can make all the difference for quality of life or the selling of your home.

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