Hurricane Hermine

All along the east coast of the U.S. hurricane Hermine has wreaked havoc on basements and crawl spaces. The New Jersey and Delaware coasts were hit hard by it, but it certainly could have been worst if it came close to the coast. But that unfortunately didn’t spare the basements of many a coastal and inland homes. With any kind of tropical storm there is a possibility of a wet basement. This usually is because the ground get saturated and you have water seepage through your foundation walls or as in most New Jersey homes the crawl space.

Basement Walls Repairs

Basement Wall and Floor Cracks

Basement Wall Repairs

If you have experienced a water intrusion into your home it’s best to have it taken care of quickly. Not only is it detrimental to the appliances, furnace, or HVAC system in your home. But it can also be a breeding ground for mold within the walls of your basement. Morgan Basement Waterproofing has the experience to repair your basement walls and seal them up to prevent water from coming in the next time a storm comes along. Call us today for a free estimate to determine what needs to be done to keep your family safe from toxic mold buildup.

Waterproofing Preventive Maintenance Tips

If you want to do a few things that will help keep water from entering your home in the first place then utilize these tips.

  • Make sure to grade the soil around your home so that it slopes away from the foundation.
  • Check for cracks and have them repaired on your homes foundation which allow water to seep in.
  • Keep rain gutters clear so that the rain water will flow down the gutters and away from your basement walls or crawl space.
  • Check around the seals of windows, doors, or any other access to the basement that will allow the water to find a way in.

Just doing a few or all of the above tips will help you keep water out of your basement. These are simple and cost effective basement waterproofing solutions.