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Waterproofing your basement from the interior involves multiple steps. The first step is to inspect the walls and floor of your basement and identify any cracks or weaknesses in the foundation, as these can lead to water seeping in through the cracks.

Any existing cracks should be repaired with concrete or masonry sealant, hydraulic cement, or urethane caulk before waterproofing takes place. Once repairs are completed, you can begin waterproofing your basement from the interior by applying a waterproof coating such as a latex-based paint or primer-sealer. This will provide a water-resistant barrier for your walls and floor.

Cement basement floor with cracks and weak spots
Basement with interior drainage system and sump pump

The next step is to install an interior drainage system that includes either a sump pump or perimeter drainage pipe underneath the wall/floor joint to drain away any accumulated moisture and keep it out of reach from the living space of your basement.

A damp proof membrane should also be added to areas where water or moisture collects in order to add an extra layer of protection against leaks. It’s important to keep any pipes used for this purpose well-sealed so that they don’t become entry points for water.

Finally, you will need to address any gutter issues that could be contributing factors to leaking basements, such as clogged drains and improper grading around foundations.

Clearing blockages will ensure that rainwater is directed away from basements while making sure grading slopes away properly will stop groundwater from pooling against code violations around them it’s essential that proper inspections are carried out first so that correct action can be taken if needed.

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Following all these steps is key for achieving effective waterproofing for your basement from the interior and keeping it dry all year round.

Overflowing gutter clogged with leaves

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“Morgan solved a decades-long problem of water and mold in our cellar. They left the cellar spotless and dry and it has stayed that way for over two years now.”

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“It went great. The Morgan team was courteous and cleaned up every day. A fantastic experience with great pricing and we highly recommend them to anyone.”

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