The summer is upon us and the heat is already unbearable. With temperatures in the 90’s and above, it’s well beyond comfort. We’re opening windows, turning on fans and cranking up the air conditioners in order to beat the heat. Did you know heat like this is perfect for Mold Growth?

You may need Mold Remediation and not even know it.

Mold Growth can occur in moist hot temperatures between 60-85 degrees and when air conditioning is being used, conditions often become favorable due to poorly maintained vents, filters and AC systems.

It’s important that if you see or smell mold you have it checked immediately. The ventilation systems in homes with central air only tend to spread mold spores into new areas that otherwise might have been mold free. These include hallways, bedrooms, even your baby’s nursery.

Mold feeds on moisture and organic material, such as dead skin cells, wallpaper paste, paper, dust and food that maybe be undetectable among the flooring material.

It’s extremely important to maintain proper care and limit moisture expose to your home. Waterproofing services often find and remedy issue otherwise unknown until it’s too late. Also, if you see mold, chances are it’s only a small portion of what’s really there, as much of mold infestation hides behind walls and areas accessible to sight.

Be sure not to forget your basement during these hot days. While you have the AC cranked up, mold can still be spreading, even worse than you imaging.

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