We’re in the middle of the Summer months and Summer weather. That means heat and humidity. That also means mold.

This is one of the peak times for mold to grow and spread.

Summer brings unique weather that differs from the other months. Humidity, which increases the dampness of the air and environment, promotes mold growth and propagation. Mold removal becomes a priority during the summer months.

Without even knowing it, mold can take hold where you least expect it to. Doorways, under carpets, back rooms, and especially basements and garages and the dampness finds it way, becomes a problem and mold spreads.

Mold also contributes to allergies and allergy symptoms. Once you have mold, it spreads and grows, adding more mold spores into the surrounding living spaces. Mold spores spread through air, though infested clothing, building materials or attachment to other objects that carry them along. Humidity allows for transportation to be greater. Increase of discomfort to allergy suffers increases during the Summer months.

Sounds scary, but you can protect yourself with a few simple tips.

  • Watch wet clothing, blankets, towels and other fabrics/materials that hold water and are hung to dry over time. They’re prime breeding for mold.
  • Keep indoor humidity in check with the use of a dehumidifier or a ventilation system such as the EZ Breathe System. Keep the humidity below 50% and allow for air filtration to remove the mold spores from the environment.
  • Check for window leaks, wall leaks and foundation leaks. Be sure to contact a qualified waterproofing and/or mold remediation specialist.
  • Check plumbing in all areas possible to verify there are no leakages. Water spreading from even the smallest leak can cause a serious mold issue.
  • Have the area around your home inspected for water retention. If your home has water that remains long after rain, then you may need a waterproofing expert to recommend water removal and foundation waterproofing options.

What seems like a time to play and enjoy, the Summer shouldn’t be a time when you allow your home maintenance to take a vacation. It doesn’t take long for water to creep in and the mold issues won’t be far behind.

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